About Us

Al Shapiro, Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Shapiro has been in the computer and software industry for over 36 years. He has consulted to and worked for companies such as IBM, Cigna, Coopers & Lybrand, CADO Systems Corporation, Data Products, Reuters, Tokyo Electric Company and others. He has worked at all levels and in all facets of information technology in the banking, brokerage, insurance, wholesale distribution, manufacturing and retail industries. He has been a principal in a number of companies, one of which developed and published the first “Microcomputer Software Directory” in 1983.

For the past fifteen (15) years, Mr. Shapiro has held a principal position in G6G Consulting Group (G6G), a research and consulting company that specializes in “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) and “Intelligent Software/Hardware” products and the application of these advanced technology products to business. He has personally designed, developed and implemented “intelligent” front ends and “expert” (knowledge-based systems) for the financial, food distribution and hotel industries.

In the mid-1990s, through Mr. Shapiro’s research efforts, G6G published eight (8) volumes of “The G6G Directory of Intelligent Software”. This advanced resource guide of over 800 intelligent software/hardware product abstracts covered fifteen (15) different, yet related advanced technology corridors: Expert Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms, Hypermedia, Hypertext and Multimedia, Intelligent Software Languages and Tools, Natural Language Systems, Neural Networks, Object-Oriented Programming, Virtual Reality, Voice and Speech Systems, and others.

Stephen W. Coates, President and CEO

Mr. Coates has been in the biotechnology research products field for over 25 years. His positions have been in Sales Management, Product Management, and Marketing Management combined with Business Development. Mr. Coates has worked for Agilent Technologies, MDS Sciex, JT Baker, AT Biochem (now part of FMC), BRL/GIBCO (now part of Invitrogen) and Pharmacia (now part of GE Healthcare). His product background includes chromatography media such as the Zorbax® HPLC columns, cell culture reagents, molecular biology bioreagents for genomics and proteomics, DNA microarrays and mass spectrometry products. Mr. Coates received his MS in Biochemistry from St. Louis University and his MAS (Management) from The Johns Hopkins University.

G6G Consulting Group

From 2005 through the present, Mr.Shapiro and Mr. Coates have collaborated as part of the new G6G Consulting Group to assemble the current "G6G Directory of Omics and Intelligent Software." The new directory with biological emphasis now has over 600 software abstracts as of June 2011. Many more products will be added in the upcoming months. The explosive growth of biotechnology and AI promise many exciting breakthrough software and biotechnology products in the upcoming years.