Welcome to the NEW version of the G6G Directory of Omics and Intelligent Software! This software directory lists data mining and additional software from the fields of biotechnology and artificial intelligence. We focus on the biotech software that uses AI technology as well as AI software itself.

The directory is educational in nature, and is intended for both students as well as professionals.

Complete abstracts are the key feature of the Directory. Abstracts include the product name, category, product abstract, system requirements, manufacturer, contact information and retail price when available.

Software abstracts from bioinformatics and AI industry, academia and consortia are listed by application, by manufacturer and by name.

Abstracts are descriptive, and are not formal evaluations of each software product. We welcome any feedback of your experiences of using these products.

Students and Postdocs!

The Directory is a resource not only for finding intelligent software, but also for job hunting. Most manufacturers in our Software Product Abstracts by Manufacturer listings have a "Careers" or "Jobs" section on their sites. These change continually, so check often if you are looking for your next position.

What is intelligent software?

Intelligent software possess "intelligent" attributes, such as the ability to infer, to recognize patterns, or to make decisions based on incomplete criteria. In some cases products are listed that the publishers deem to have "intelligence" or that form a convenient accompanying reference. Here are some examples of intelligent software used in biotechnology.